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Six Individuals, Six Altering Lives

Every year, as part of Orphan Solidarity Days, IHH carries out projects in dozens of countries that put smiles on the faces of orphans. Sometimes it's a sewing machine, sometimes it's a cow they can milk, and sometimes it's a boat that makes their jobs easier.

The projects change the lives of orphans and their families. The orphans who have managed to stand on their own feet hold life firmly in their hands and continue their lives as healthy people.

You seem to be asking where are the changing lives. Let us take a look at some of the projects and see what has changed the lives of the orphans and their families.


Asiyye - Afghanistan

I have two children. One is 8 and the other is 12. My husband passed away years ago. IHH gifted me 20 chickens last year. If you only knew what I did with them. I get 6 to 10 eggs a day, some of which we eat. The rest of it I sell at the market. With the money I earn, I buy kitchen supplies and necessary materials for my children's school. I even had a small solar panel installed in my house. We no longer have to sit in the dark at night. My children can study at night. My biggest wish was to buy the bicycle that my son Muhammed has wanted for two years. I finally got the blue bike he wished for. All thanks to the chickens. I do not worry about the end of the month as much as I used to, and I can buy what my kids want.


Selamu - Niger

My husband passed away five years ago and I was left alone with my three children. The needs of the house were great. I had to get support from my siblings. A sewing machine changed my life. Now I can satisfy my needs. My business grew, and I bought four more sewing machines. I have new students. I teach them all needlework for free. Among them are orphaned mothers like me. My sister passed away shortly after my business got better. Because I have a good job, I was able to take care of one of my nephews. That is a beautiful thing. Nothing could be further from my mind.



Violeta - Albania

My husband died of an illness 11 years ago. My younger son, Fabio, was only 1 year old at the time. I raised my daughter and my two sons alone. It was very difficult, but I always persevered. Now my children benefit from IHH's orphan sponsorship system. This makes my work easier in meeting their needs for food, education, and health. Sponsoring my orphans gives me strength and the feeling that I am not alone.


Yusriye Abdulkerim - Sudan

When my husband left me, I was left alone in another country with four children. For many years, I had to live in a camp for widows. When I returned to Sudan, I started living with my family and children. To take care of them, I had to walk dozens of kilometers every day to go to chores. Some days I could not find a job. One day, someone from IHH came and said that they could open a grocery store next to our house. That way I would have a job where I could stay with my children as well as take care of them. Guests from Turkey also came, and we set up the store together. We opened the grocery store. I am very happy that I can now provide for my family.


Abdurrahman - Niger

When my father died two years ago, we had to support ourselves with my 11 brothers and my mother. I was studying at college at the time, but now it was my turn to take my father's place. I dropped out of school. The desire to finish college remained in me, but the needs of the house were more urgent. Now I work, and my brothers study. Before IHH gave us a fishing boat two years ago, I had to rent other people's boats and spend half of my daily income on boat rentals. Now we have our own boat and all the profit stays with us. I go fishing with my brother Ali. We are thinking of buying another boat and expanding the business. It is nice to have such a dream.


Vogulma - Afghanistan

I am 60 years old and live with my three grandchildren and daughter-in-law. My son died in a car accident a year ago. Before IHH donated goats, we lived with the help of neighbors and relatives. I have three goats, one is pregnant. We drink the goat's milk, and the rest I sell at the market. I buy other things for the household; tea, bread, and flour. My biggest dream is to breed goats. That way, I can let my grandchildren go to school without any problems. Cemile, my great-granddaughter, was thrilled with the arrival of the goats. She feeds them and plays with them. She used to help me with the housework, but now she helps less.