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IHH launches Ramadan relief campaign
This year the IHH will be carrying out Ramadan relief effort in 70 countries and regions and 70 cities of Turkey. IHH will deliver zakat and other donations of charitable people to those in need of he

As the month of Ramadan draws near, the IHH is stepping up the preparations for a major relief campaign that will cover five continents. IHH aid teams are carrying on preparatory works for the global Ramadan relief campaign. The teams, which will be guests at iftar tables in even the remotest areas of the world as they have done every year so far, will rush to the help of the poor, victims of natural disasters and wars.   

IHH which has been offering for the last 19 years iftar meals and distributing provisions and nutrition supplies, will also make the families smile by provided aid for the orphans in this Ramadan.

Like every other Ramadan month, in this year's Ramadan we will be with Necip the little Arakanese refugee, with Sadina who is studying at IHH's summer schools in the Balkans, with Philip who is living in an earthquake tent in South America, with Rara who is pulling water from a well in Africa, with Hasan who has lived in darkness all his life because of cataract, with Samina who has no school and with Palestinian Muhammad who has no hospital.

You can witness the smiles of our brothers and sisters in need around the globe by opening your iftar table to them in this Ramadan. 

To contribute to the IHH's Ramadan campaign you can: 

Donate a food pack.

One food pack costs 40$ or 30€.

You can fund iftar meals at our mobile kitchen trailer.

Iftar meal for one person costs 3.5 USD.

You can financially support orphans or buy them clothes at Eid.

The cost of clothing a child is 45 USD.

You can please children with gift bags.

The cost of a Ramadan gift pack containing books, candy, chocolate, biscuits, and balloons is 10 USD.

You can deliver your zakat, fitr and alms donations to people in need via IHH.

You can pay for educational expenses of students.

The cost of stationery sets per student is 17 USD.

Click for Online Donation.

Click for Bank Account Numbers.


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