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By donating your adaq qurban you can fulfill your worship and provide it to the needy.
Adaq Qurbani
Name of the Shareholder 1
I give my proxy(s) to IHH to slaughter my qurban(s) and distribute them to those in need.
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Cost of a Share
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Adaq Qurban

During any time of the year, you can donate an adaq, or qurban of offering and fulfil your religious obligation, and deliver the meat to those in need. 

So what does Adaq qurban mean?

This is a qurban that is obligatory to sacrifice for those who pledge the offering. If a person pledged to sacrifice a qurban if a specific condition occurs, then it obligatory for the person to perform the sacrifice if this condition materializes.

Can the qurban be sacrificed via proxy?

In the same way that a person can sacrifice an adaq qurban themselves, they can also appointing someone else to perform the sacrifice by proxy. A person who wants to appoint another person to perform the sacrifice via proxy can give this to someone where he lives, he can also appoint another person or organization in different region or country. While a proxy can be given verbally or in writing, it can also be given by telephone, internet, fax or similar means of communication.

Where and when will my adaq qurban be sacrificed?

The adaq qurban you donate will be sacrificed within 15-30 days in the regions specified by IHH’s qurban commission where there is urgent need.

Who is the adaq qurban I donate distributed to?

After the sacrifice of your adaq qurban, it will be divided and delivered to poor people in regions of urgent need; to refugees, victims of war and natural disasters, orphaned families, the elderly, orphans and people suffering from poverty. 

How can I donate my adaq qurban?

You can donate your adaq qurban;

  • Via the bank account numbers given below:

Ziraat Bank: TR66 0001 0004 8802 1249 9450 07
Albaraka Turk: TR16 0020 3000 0028 7839 0000 09
Turkiye Finans: TR24 0020 6000 0400 3279 3000 01
Halkbank: TR43 0001 2009 7540 0012 0100 80

  • By postal cheque: 160 54 51
  • Calling +90 (212) 631 2121
  • Or make your donation personally by visiting our foundation headquarters.

(When paying the Adaq cost via a bank or PTT (post office), you must state this is for “adaq qurban.”)

How will I know if my adaq qurban has been sacrificed?

Confirmation of the sacrifice is sent via SMS to your mobile telephone.

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