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Ramadan Brings Hope
In different regions of the world, people in need have hard times. This Ramadan, we start out to be a hope for them.
Be a guest at the table of people in need
Ramadan tables, which bring the whole family together. You can be a guest at the table of people in need by donating food parcels distributed during Ramadan.
Help to people in need with your Zakat al Fitr
Each of your zakat al fitr donations come to the help of people who need assistance due to poverty, disease, wars and disasters.
Be a smile on an orphan's face
In this Ramadan, you can present Eid clothes to the orphans who are waiting to be happy, and make them wake up excitedly in the morning of Eid.
We are launching an aid campaign for Palestinian refugees living in difficult conditions in the camps in Lebanon.
In Gaza, there is an urgent need for medical and food supplies due to the increasing cases of coronavirus.
Every one person out of 10 can not reach to clean water in the world.
Droughts, rapid population growth, and pollution threaten the water resources. Decrease in the water resources will create more problems for the humanity.
Cure their eyes
Due to technical and financial difficulties, millions of people lose their sight since they cannot afford a simple 15 minutes surgery.

Food Parcels
Zakat al Fitr
Eid Clothing

This is not fooling, it's genocide!
The East Turkistan Platform released press statements simultaneously all over Turkey, including in Istanbul. Supported by more than 200 NGOs in 34 countries, an appeal was made for the concentration camps to be closed down.
IHH, healing Syria’s wounds for 10 years
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has been running its aid efforts at the same pace since the first day of the Syrian War.
Ramadan Aid Trucks Set Off
As Ramadan approaches, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation will be delivering 100.000 food packets to families in need all over Turkey.
Camps in Syria will have access to water
Refugee camps in Syria will have access to water, thanks to the collaboration of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and the International Water Well Association. The first water well drilling began in the Meshed Ruhin region, located in the rural area of Idlib.
Syrian children with Down syndrome were not forgotten
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation organized an event to commemorate the “21 March World Down Syndrome Awareness Day.”
A visit from the WHO
World Health Organization (WHO) officials from the East Mediterranean Regional Office and the Gaziantep Office paid a visit to IHH’s Syrian Operations Coordination Center and the Reyhanlı Education Village in Reyhanlı, Hatay.
New homes for Arakan refugees
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation constructed 390 new bamboo homes in the Arakan refugee camp in Cox’s Baazar-Bangladesh and handed them to families in need.
Nepal fire victims get new homes
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation handed over newly constructed homes to families in Nepal who lost their homes as a result of a fire.
Permanent Works for Niger
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation laid the foundation of the Musab Bin Umayr Imam Hatip Primary School and Bilal-I Habashi Mosque in the Balbali village in Niamey, the capital of Niger.
Turkey has not forgotten Yemen
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has delivered humanitarian aid to almost 1 million people in need with its aid projects carried out in various regions of Yemen since 2020.
Humanitarian aid for Colombian hurricane victims
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered food and hygiene packets to the victims of the Eta and Iota hurricanes that hit Colombia and surrounding countries. 1.300 people benefitted from this aid distribution.
Food and blanket aid for Idlib
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed 5.000 food packets and 10.000 blankets to families living in the refugee camps in the rural areas of Idlib, Syria.
Food aid for Palestinian refugees
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed food packets to 600 Palestinian refugee families living in Lebanon. A total of 3.000 people benefitted from the aid distribution.
Substantial medication support for Niger
As a part of the protocol signed with the Niger Ministry of Public Health, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation sent aid consisting of 141.000 packets of malaria medicine to the country.
The ‘Meal of Compassion’ Project brings joy to students
As a part of the ‘Meal of Compassion‘ project launched by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, meals are being distributed to students of schools in north Syria.
Fatma and her family, who had to migrate from Idlib under harsh conditions, settled in one of the living houses.
Fatma and her family, who had to migrate from Idlib under harsh conditions, settled in one of the living houses.
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Fund a project
Support, let it come to life!
Bosnia Herzegovina
Gladden A Mother
In Bosnia, 10 families of orphans need white goods. Make them happy by gifting white goods.
Set a table for refugees
Refugees migrated to Sudan due to the conflicts in Ethiopia. They need coal for cooking their meals.
Let's Build 100 New Lives
We have developed a project that aims for 100 orphan families from Afghanistan to earn their keep.
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