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The Journey of Goodness
Ömer Çam 12.03.2024

Aunt Hatice starts her day by walking for kilometers to find clean water. When she returns, she cleans her house thoroughly and then starts looking for a daily job to meet her basic needs. Despite her 82 years, she mostly works in the fields. She is a grandmother to two orphans.

Aunt Hatice, who lives in a small village, prepares meals for her orphans with the support of her neighbors on the days she cannot work. She wants them to grow up in the best conditions.

She was very happy with the food package we delivered. She said that thanks to this package, she will spend Ramadan comfortably and will not have to work for at least a few weeks.

Every year, we deliver food packages to those in need to make Ramadan easier for them. By making a donation, you can make a family more comfortable during Ramadan.