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Syria Emergency

The Assad regime and its allies continue to bombard residential areas in Syria. Thousands of people flee their homes due to the attacks and seek refuge in neighboring cities or refugee camps in the hope of survival. But there, too, they struggle to survive in poverty and inadequate facilities. As winter approaches, food and shelter problems are increasing.

After the attacks on October 5 alone, 78,000 people had to fled their homes.


13 million people have been forced to flee their homes

Since the beginning of the war, 6 million people have migrated to different countries and 7 million to different regions within the country. The humanitarian crisis in Syria, which started with demands for reform and turned into a global showdown with the intervention of international powers, is growing. 13 million people live in need of humanitarian aid from outside.

Those in need, who have difficulty meeting even their daily food needs, have limited access to basic life supplies, especially hygiene, food, and shelter.

With your support, we can deliver aid to the victims of war in Syria and make their lives easier.

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