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The hope of Uncle Ibrahim

We were distributing food to needy people who had to emigrate within the country. We went to an old school. Dozens of families took refuge here in classrooms. There were 10-15 people in each class.

After distributing food parcels to those in need, I walked through the classrooms. Uncle Ibrahim was sitting on his bed writing something in the notebook in his hand. "I never went to school. I taught myself to read and write. In 2016, when conflicts started in the place where we live, we had to leave our house with a few belongings. I could not find a place to stay. Alhamdulillah, after 4 years we were able to put our heads in here. May Allah be pleased with you, you brought us the food parcels and handed them to us one by one. As we have no work to do here, we can only manage with help." After talking to Uncle Ibrahim, I realized how important it was for us to visit them in person. We came here to be united with hearts that are grateful for everything, like Uncle İbrahim. Our visit gave them hope.

Burak Berberoğlu, Mali, 2021