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Language of the Heart
Hüseyin Aydemir Qurbani 13.06.2024


Language of the Heart

I came to Burundi, Africa for the qurban operations in the region. This is the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania and Rwanda. As the Muslims are a minority here, our visit pleased them immensely. Many people welcomed us with joy. The elderly, youth, women and men were all there waiting for us. I understood their happiness from the look in their eyes. Although we do not speak the same language, the language of our hearts is the same. Some of them were surprised when they welcomed us, because they were not expecting any guests. This journey taught me that our main purpose is not the qurban meat, but brotherhood. We concluded our duty with the principle of the verse “With every hardship comes ease” that we adopted when we departed on this qurban journey.

                                                                                                                 Hüseyin Aydemir/Burundi 2019