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'You made us smile.'


We visited Aunt Amine in Kenya. She had been living without anyone's support since her husband passed away. We chatted with her for a while and delivered her Zakat in an envelope. She immediately looked inside and hugged her son, Muhammet, out of happiness. 'Thanks to you, I will cook my children's favorite meal, chicken and rice, for Iftar today. With some of it, I will pay my debt to my neighbor. God bless you. You came from far away and made us smile,' she said.

Burak Berberoğlu, Kenya, 2022


Çocuk mont görseli

Millions of people around the world are struggling to survive without basic necessities.

Çocuk kışlık çizme görseli

IHH gives comfort to the lives of thousands of people every year with your Zakat donations.

Yakacak kömür görseli

You can also support those in need with your Zakat.

What can I do with my Zakat?

Share your Iftar with Gaza

People in Gaza cannot access food and hot meals due to Israeli occupation. This Ramadan, you can set Iftar tables for them.

Set a Table
Vefa ve kardeşinin mont ve çizmesine kavuştuğu an


Vefa ve kardeşinin mont ve çizmesine kavuştuğu an

Be at the same table with orphans

When all the children in an orphanage are gathered around the same table, it is the most joyful time of the day.

Smiles, More Smiles!


Support a student's education.

With your zakat, you can support the education of orphans or students in need. Since 2017, we have been providing formal education services to students.

Sponsor a student
Vefa ve kardeşinin mont ve çizmesine kavuştuğu an