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Grocery Store Project

Asia lost her husband eight years ago. She was trying to survive with her children. A year after her husband passed away, we reached out to her and opened a grocery store to help her earn a living. Now she can hardly fulfill her orders. She has expanded her shop and can now send her children to school. His dream is to become the biggest grocer in his region. A small shop can lead to big things.

What does a shop do?

Orphan families or families in need, especially in villages or rural areas, do not have enough job opportunities. Therefore, they need help from outside.

We open shops where all the materials are ready for orphan families to make their own profession. We support them to have a profession and do a permanent job. 

Families who have the opportunity to earn income with the projects we develop can stand on their own feet for years, meet the needs of their children and build a new life without needing anyone. 

Thank you for making life easier for orphan families with your donations.

If you want to donate to this project from the bank, simply write 19754 in the description section.

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