IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
"We were walking behind Hashim and he was a little ahead of us. He stood next to a ruinous house with two rooms. '13 people of us are staying here. I have heart disease, but I have to be a porter to earn a living. If you don't have a job in Afghanistan, the best job you can do is to carry other people's belongings,' he said and added that most of the time he could not find a job. 'If I had some money, I would buy a wheelbarrow. With the wheelbarrow I could do the portage easier,' he continued. When he received the zakat envelope entrusted to us, his eyes shone and he smiled at his family.

The life of Hashim and his family has changed with a zakat sent by good people he does not know. We are witnessing this beauty."
Ahmet Fatih Madanoğlu, Afghanistan, 2021
We come together with the people in need and send your kindest regards and deliver your help by hand. Your zakat donations are a remedy for the orphans, the needy, and the helpless people who have been victimized by wars. It supports them to pay off their debts, buy food and clothes, and meet the needs of their homes.