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Donate Hot Food

The internal conflict in Sudan has displaced millions of people and claimed thousands of lives. 25 million people need humanitarian assistance to survive. Forced to flee to safe areas, millions more are now living in refugee camps.

For more than a year, with your support, we have delivered thousands of hot meals and food packages, 134,000 kg of meat, 98,000 kg of flour, 500,000 liters of water, more than 470,000 pasta packages, 20,000 kg of sugar, 24,000 liters of oil, 2,400 kg of chickpeas, and 5,760 cans of tomato paste to those in need in Sudan.

But the crisis and internal conflicts continue to affect millions of people. Now, we cook hot meals for 3,000 people every day in the kitchen we set up in Khartoum. With your donation, you can be instrumental in delivering hot meals to someone in need.

If you want to donate to this campaign from your bank, simply write 20127 in the description section.

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