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An Armful of Goodness

During Orphan Solidarity Days, we draw attention to the issue of orphans and realize various projects for them. On this occasion, we visit orphans during certain periods and make them feel that they are not alone.

During the Orphan Solidarity Days, which we will organize for the 12th time this year, we will carry out 196 projects in 26 countries, including our country. 18,293 people, including orphans and their mothers, will benefit from the projects.


We will provide vocational courses according to the needs of orphan mothers, provide them with the tools they need to support themselves, and realize social and cultural projects that will make orphans smile.

How about changing the lives of orphans with your support and giving armfuls of goodness in different geographies?


Some of our projects:

 - Gifts of ovine and bovine milking animals

 - Vocational courses

 - Supply of tailoring materials and fishing boats

 - Grocery store opening and greenhouse establishment

 - Education and health projects

 - Social activities such as picnics, kite festivals and excursion programs

If you want to donate to this campaign from your bank, simply write 16049 in the description section.


What are Orphan Solidarity Days?

With the organization of our Foundation, volunteer teams from Türkiye visit orphans all over the world, implement projects, open orphanages, supervise the work on site, make orphans happy and meet their needs. We call this goodness mobilization Orphan Solidarity Days.

Last year, more than 2,700 orphan families and approximately 10,500 orphans benefited from the 160 projects we realized in 31 countries during the Orphan Solidarity Days.

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