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Your Fidyah donations will benefit orphans, the needy, the helpless people who have been victimized by wars. It helps them pay off debts, buy food and clothes, meet the needs of their homes.

Last year, we delivered zakat, fidyah and Zakat al-Fitr to 151,673 people. Let us not leave them alone this Ramadan.


What is fidyah?

Elderly people who cannot afford to fast, and people who cannot fast because of an illness that has no hope of being cured, will pay a fidyah for each day they cannot fast if they do not have the option of breaking that fast later. A fidyah is a fee - as mentioned in the verse - i.e. food or an equivalent that feeds a needy person for a whole day. The fee is the same as zakat al-fitr.

How can I donate my fidyah?

You can donate your fidyah with an amount of 4 Dollars or more from the above area and ease the burden of the needy.

If you wish, you can easily donate your fidyah by writing a FIDYE and sending a text message to 4072. The cost of 1 ext message is 50 TL (4 Dollars). With each text message, you donate a 1-day fidyah. *This is for who are using Turkey based mobile phone line.


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