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Project of the week


The earthquake Türkiye affected millions of people. In earthquake zones, hot meals and other necessities are still in short supply. There are those who are waiting for us in the world's crisis zones. This Ramadan, we will reach out to those in need, first in our own country and then in crisis areas. In Ramadan, let us all share the goodness and spread the blessings. 

With your fidyah donations, you can help earthquake victims in our country as well as people in crisis around the world. We delivered your fidyah, zakat, and zakat al-fitr to 75,289 people last year. Let us support them together.

What exactly is Fidyah? 

Elders who cannot afford to fast or those who cannot fast due to an illness that cannot be cured, if they are unable to make up these fasts later, must pay a fidyah for each day they fail to fast. A fidyah amount, as defined in the verse-i-kerîma, is food that will feed a needy person for a full day, or a price in exchange. It charges the same as fitr (zekat al-fitr). 

How can I give my Fidyah?

You can help those in need by donating your fidyah in the amount of $4 or more from the above area.

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