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Flood Disaster in Turkey

Turkey is going through tough times. Most of the forest fires in the country's southern regions have been brought under control. But the flood disaster in Bartın, Kastamonu, and Sinop have affected thousands of people. Search and rescue operations and relief works continue in the region.


From the first moment of the disaster, our foundation maintains its works through emergency aid and search and rescue teams. The mobile soup kitchen has reached the region. It distributes hot meals to the people in need and working teams. Our teams reach out to the citizens who need to be evacuated and support them to reach safe areas.

People affected by the flood need us. Support and stand by their side in difficult times. We can relieve their burden.

Our foundation collects donations as the Turkey Disaster Fund in order to respond to disasters and delivers them to the necessary regions immediately. When the need in this region ends, the funds can be used for other disaster regions. Thank you very much for standing with the needy people by supporting our disaster efforts.


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