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IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s Fields of Work

With your donations, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation continues to work for the victimized and deprived, irrelevant of their religion, race, language or denomination in 136 countries and region in 5 continents.

Our foundation was established to deliver the necessary humanitarian aid to those facing hardships; who are victims of war, natural disasters etc.; those who are injured, disabled, suffering poverty or victimization, and to prevent the violation of the basic rights and freedom of these people.

While conducting these works, IHH gives priority to developing the sense of solidarity and brotherhood both in Turkey and in all the countries and regions where we operate, and materializes various social and cultural projects aimed at achieving this. Worldwide, we give priority to regions afflicted by war, and where the effects of war continue; geographies struck by natural disasters, and regions and countries where there is severe poverty.

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