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The Freedom Flotilla

On October 7, 2023, Israel launched an attack on Gaza, which had been under embargo and blockade for several years. Israel killed nearly 27,000 civilians, including over 11,000 children and 8,500 women, in the city it besieged from the air, land, and water. Israel displaced tens of thousands of people by demolishing schools, hospitals, places of worship, and homes. The survivors are attempting to survive under difficult circumstances.

With your help, we've delivered emergency aid to hundreds of thousands of people, but the situation in Palestine is deteriorating by the day. Israel prevents Gazans from accessing even basic humanitarian aid.

For the first time, Israel was tried and convicted by international courts in 2010, as part of the Freedom Fleet.

Now, we want to bring the genocide in Gaza back to the attention of international decision-makers and states, put an end to Israel's attacks, and launch a strong initiative to lift the region's embargo. Hundreds of humanitarian volunteers from various languages, religions, and races will form a new flotilla and sail to the Mediterranean to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

You can make a donation to the Freedom Fleet and be the hope of the Gaza people.

If you want to donate to this project from bank, simply enter 19201 in the description section.

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