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IQRA Deaf Education Center

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Burundi, like many African countries, lacks adequate opportunities for disabled children. Many children are unable to receive an education and suffer from severe nutritional deficiencies and diseases.




Therefore, we are carrying out various projects in Africa. Our project's main goal is to help African children with disabilities get a better education. One of these takes place at the IQRA Deaf Education Center in Burundi, which we established. The center houses 50 children, the majority of whom are deaf or orphans who are unable to care for themselves. They are now safe, thanks to you. However, they must improve their education and overcome the diseases that plagued them before..

You can help children get a better education and regain their health by donating to the IQRA Deaf Education Center. Thousands of African disabled children are waiting for you.

Simply write "15298" in the explanation section if you want to make a bank donation to this project.

IQRA Deaf Education Center