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Goodness Withstands The Cold

Winter has arrived in our country's earthquake-ravaged regions. Millions of Syrians were forced to flee due to the conflict will spend another winter in tent camps. It is difficult to live in containers or camps if you lack winter clothing and firewood.

Last winter, many Syrian families tried to stay warm by burning plastics, paper, and nylon scraps they had collected from garbage. With your help, we were able to deliver hundreds of thousands of materials to Syria, ranging from winter clothing to blankets, food packages to tents. Children were given new gloves, scarves, boots, and coats to keep them warm.

Winter is knocking again. Let us deliver stoves, fuel, blankets, boots, coats, scarves, and gloves to earthquake-affected areas in our country as well as those in need living in tents in Syria. Let us not abandon those who are waiting for us in the freezing cold.

If you want to make a bank donation to this campaign, simply enter 19392 in the description section.


- Coal
- Sponge mattress
- Blanket / duvet
- Boots
- Coats
- Scarf
- Glove
- Flour and Food

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