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Would you like to touch the lives of orphans in different parts of the world?

With your support, the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is sponsoring thousands of children with 38 orphanages, an orphan education center and orphan life center in 13 countries. Orphanages are also assisted in many areas such as food need, education costs, employee employment and social activities. IHH aims to raise orphans in a healthy way without detaching them from their own land and culture.

Why an orphanage?

Orphanages, which have strategic importance rather than shelter, provide solutions to the education, religion, health, social and political problems of Muslims in the region, especially children.

Orphanages with different functions all over the world become a school for children in Somali who cannot receive education due to the civil war, a shelter for orphans in Pakistan who want to be protected from human traffickers, and a place of freedom for children who want to live the culture prohibited by the state in Myanmar.

The main purpose of orphanages is to support orphans who cannot sustain their lives on their own until they reach the competence to stand on their own feet, provide their education and prepare them for life with family compassion.

Do you know that IHH regularly takes care of more than 107 thousand orphans in 50 countries every month and supports them on issues such as education, health, food, housing; it also provides periodic assistance to 800 thousand orphans in 120 countries every year?

MSAL Orphanage - Pakistan, 2003

Istanbul Orphanage - Indonesia / Aceh, 2006

Daru'l-Iman Orphanage - Bangladesh, 2009

Togra Orphanage - Bangladesh, 2009

Rara Orphanage - Pakistan, 2009

Hacı Şerefoğlu Orphanage - Philippines / Moro, 2010

Akıncılar Orphanage - Philippines / Moro, 2019

Hatice-i Kubra Orphanage - Philippines / Moro, 2019

Bursa Emir Sultan Orphanage - Pakistan, 2011

Konya IHH-Ayder Orphanage - Thailand / Patani, 2011

Şifa Orphanage - Thailand / Patani, 2011

Istanbul-Kabul Brotherhood Orphanage - Afghanistan, 2013

Babul Amman Orphanage - Bangladesh, 2013

Darussaadet / Fatih Sultan Mehmet Orphanage - Bangladesh, 2013

Sargoda Orphanage - Pakistan, 2013

Anatolian Orphan Complex - Somalia, 2013

Miyase Danış Orphanage - Thailand / Patani, 2013

Şifa Orphanage 2 - Burkina Faso, 2014

Sultan Abdulhamid Han Orphanage, Bangladesh, 2014

Darul Erkam Orphanage - Pakistan, 2014

Yaşar Zerdali Orphanage - Thailand / Patani, 2014

Furkan Emre Kesik Orphanage - Thailand / Patani, 2014

Ali Ramazan and Meryem Üstünsoy Orphanage - Nepal, 2014

Barbaros Orphanage Education Center - Ethiopia, 2014

Ferah Orphanage - Uganda, 2015

Istanbul İtfaiyeciler Orphanage - Thailand / Patani, 2015

Uğur Süleyman Söylemez Orphanage - Philippines / Moro, 2015

Gilgit Orphanage - Pakistan, 2015

Bahattin Yıldız Orphanage - Bangladesh, 2015

Muzaffergarh Orphanage - Pakistan, 2015/li>

Esma Biltacı Orphanage - Bangladesh, 2016

Muhammed Enes Orphanage - Bangladesh, 2016

Bursa Inegol Orphanage - Bangladesh, 2016

Martyr Furkan Doğan Orphanage - Thailand / Patani, 2016

Reyhanli Children Life Center - Turkey, 2017

Ismael's Guests Education Center - Sierra Leone / Freetown, 2018

İyilikhane Orphanage - Bangladesh, 2018

İskilipli Atıf Hoca Orphanage - Thailand / Patani, 2018

Martyr Eren Bulbul Orphanage - Somalia, 2019

Namaz Kardeşliği 2 Orphanage - Somalia, 2019

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