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Orphan Medical Assistance

Why Orphans?

From the Middle East to Africa, from the Caucasus to the Balkans and America, more than 200 million children are left orphans due to the deprivation of war, natural disasters, poverty and similar reasons all over the world, and each year over 3 million new orphans and abandoned children are added to these children.

Unfortunately, the social policies put forward by the governments regarding orphans and destitute children cannot meet the current needs. Stronger, sustainable, permanent and solution-oriented social work needs to be done in order to meet the material and moral requirements of these children in need of help. Malicious structures, whose target audience is only children, threaten thousands of children every day.

In our world, where 2.5 million children are kidnapped and sold every year and 300,000 children are sent to the front line, there are millions of orphans waiting for humanity to notice them.

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