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Orphan (Existing Sponsorship)

"Sister Violeta lost her husband 11 years ago. She raised her three children alone. She could not work because of her back condition. That's why she lives with the help of associations. 'Thanks to the sponsorship support, my burden in raising my children has become lighter. Thank God, I have raised my children as well-behaved, honest and contented people. This is what I am most happy about. Since I am happy by being grateful for what I have, I always teach them to be grateful as well. I feel lucky to have met this smiling and devoted mother. I have seen how the Orphan Sponsorship System makes orphans and their families happy. Knowing that they are not alone gives them strength."

Serdar Gürçay, Albania

According to the United Nations, there are more than 150 million orphans and orphaned children in the world. This number is increasing every day due to natural disasters, diseases and wars.

With your support, we take care of thousands of orphans in 43 countries and we regularly support their food, shelter, health and education needs every month. With the Orphan Sponsorship System built with the support of thousands of philanthropists, we are instrumental in protecting and caring for orphans and helping them stand on their own feet with confidence. Knowing that they are not alone, orphans continue their lives as healthy individuals. Thank you for protecting orphans. 

Together we can protect more orphans. What say you?

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