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Qur’an: The Greatest Gift

In countries that give importance to madrasa education, an oral education system Muslims form as a tradition of the various hardships is implemented. This education system without using pencils or exercise books, based on the method of verbal recitation by the teacher, the children learning by repeating and memorizing these recitations, is an essential method in many countries due to the lack of resources.   

The wooden tablets called “Luh” are an excellent example of how the lack of resources was overcome in the education field in Ethiopia. All the knowledge and verses of the Qur’an written on these wooden tablet remains until this is memorized, when memorization is completed this is deleted and new lesson are written on the tablets. This system was developed by the people because there is not enough Qur’ans for each student to memorize from.

Every Qur’an you donate will help the students to learn and memorize the Qur’an easier. By donating 8 USD, you can contribute to a child memorizing the Qur’an with less difficulty.

We delivered 11 thousand 215 Qur'an to 8 countries in 2022 thanks to your donations. So far, we have distributed over 270 thousand Qur'an with your help.

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