IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
Schools should be renovated

Education opportunities are insufficient due to political instability and financial difficulties in Iraq. Schools cannot be repaired, children are trying to get education in bad conditions.

The 4 schools in Mosul are very old and not suitable environments for education. Their benches are very old, their walls cracked, their windows weathered. Currently, 575 students are studying in 4 schools. Schools and local people do not have the opportunity to make renovations.


With your support, schools will be renewed with their belongings; its cracked walls will be repaired, painted and windows replaced. Thus, thousands of students will receive education in healthy and safe environments for years. Children will no longer sick in classes.

Schools to be renovated: Hewazen Primary School, Ebu Shuwaiha Primary School, Huveyn Primary School and Ebu Suwaiha Boys' Secondary School

If you want to donate to this project from the bank, just write 15174 in the explanation section.