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Sierra Leone

Support For The Disabled Home

59 people supported this project

‘Despite the challenging circumstances, Ayşe never loses her smile. When I ask her what she struggles with the most, she tells me that doing the laundry is a constant battle. Most of the kids were crawling because they couldn't walk, resulting in getting their clothes dirty in no time. She complains that doing laundry twice a week is too much for her, but still, she enjoys playing games with kids despite these challenges.’

Mustafa Olgun / Sierra Leone, 2022


Ayşe and her mother, Meryem, have made it their mission in life to help disabled children. They're taking care of 35 kids voluntarily in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. They are making an effort to provide for basic necessities like food and shelter.

Ayşe and Meryem will find some relief in their work with the project we prepared. We can support the disabled home with cleaning supplies and new necessities. This renovation will make the home more habitable for students with disabilities.

If you want to donate to this project from the bank, simply write 20090 in the description section.

Support For The Disabled Home

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