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Project of the week

Gaza Needs Emergency Aid

May 15 is the 70th anniversary of the Great Disaster, Nakba Day.  For 70 years, the Zionist Israel continues to massacre also the elderly, young, female and children around the Masjid al-Aqsa in order to provoke Muslims. The Israeli government and soldiers continue their lawlessness without slowing down by attacking the worshippers with gas bombs and plastic bullets, terrorizing in Al Qibly Mosque with dirty combat boots, throwing the Qur’an on the floor and trampling on them. The blockade and embargo imposed on Palestine, Gaza is becoming more stringent day by day. The Palestinians whose rights, lands, homelands, lives, goods are usurped have been trying to continue their lives under the oppression of Israel for 70 years.

The Palestinians with their women and children continue the “Great March of Return” protests for a month. However, the occupying Israel opens fire and martyrs the journalists who want to make news about the innocent people, children and broadcast the current events to the world. Since the beginning of the events, 110 people were martyred with the bullets and intervention of Israeli soldiers and more than 5 thousand people are wounded.

What happened in Palestine?

Since 1948, Palestine has been under Israeli occupation. In the last 70 years 5 million Jews settled on Palestinian territories, and because of this 7 million Palestinian Muslims were forced to live in refugee camps in other countries. Due to the Jewish settlements and Israeli occupation which is illegal according to international law, the Palestinian Muslims are continuing to lose their homelands. On these grounds, the Palestinian cities are being systematically cleansed of Muslims by the Israelis. Al-Quds is the most significant of these cities that has been cleansed of Muslims.

Under Israeli pressure, Jewish settlers are being place in neighborhoods occupied by Muslims; homes owned by Muslims are being seized and expropriated by the Israelis using deaths of their citizens as an excuse. Furthermore, because it is one of the most expensive cities in the world, a planned intimidation policy is being enforced against Muslims in Al-Quds. The entire families of those who are refusing to leave Al-Quds are forced to work excessively in order to survive there financially. The lives of Palestinian Muslims, which is already extremely difficult, is becoming unbearable.

IHH’s emergency aid efforts

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is taking action to deliver medical aid to the wounded and humanitarian aid to the families of martyrs.

In the first stage, IHH plans to;

-Give financial support to those wounded and families of those martyred by Israeli soldiers during the Great March of Return,

-Provide medical support to hospitals and healthcare centers treating the wounded.

Gaza will not be forgotten at Ramadan

Gaza, which is Israel’s main target, will benefit from IHH’s Ramadan aid efforts. As a part of the Ramadan aid works in Gaza, IHH plans to;

- Provide daily iftar meals to 1 thousand 500 people,

- Deliver food aid to 4 thousand 375 families,

- Distribute fitr and zakat contributions to thousands of families.

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