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Questions about Benim Adım Ahmet
What is the aim of this project?

This project aims to meet the needs of an orphan or a child in need, such as food, education and clothing. With this project, which will continue throughout the year, regular aid will be delivered to children.

Who will benefit from this project?

This project will benefit orphans around the world and children in need with limited financial resources.

What does a toy donation mean?

A toy donation includes any item that is used by orphans to have fun and learn. This may be a remote-controlled car, a tablet, or a computer.

How are food donations utilized?

With donations from benefactors, thousands of orphans and children in need live their lives. Your food donations turn into delicious meals that brighten the tables of orphans and children in need. These donations are also used for the education of orphans, the repair and renovation of orphanages, the purchase of necessary equipment for orphans, and the beautification of their living environment.

What's the project's impact on children?

By meeting the basic needs of children, such as education, nutrition, clothing, and access to technology, they are able to grow up healthy, continue their education, and make the most of their potential.