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Questions about Yetim Çalışmaları
Can I select a specific country for orphan sponsorship?

Yes, when filling out the form for orphan sponsorship, donators can select a suitable country or region from the list prepared according to the rate of occupancy.

Can I send non-cash donations to the orphan I sponsor?

Due to delivery expenses and distribution conditions in these regions this is not possible, however, in certain periods of the year our foundation sends collective deliveries to orphans from our foundation’s orphan support funds. You can make donations to our orphan support fund.

Can we meet the orphans we sponsor?

If orphans sponsored by our donators are among the children that visit Turkey as a part of the various programs organized by our foundation, you can meet them. Apart from this, donators can correspond with the orphans they sponsor by letters sent via our foundation.

Can I adopt orphaned children?

No, this is not within our authority. But you can support them in their own countries by meeting their needs of food, health, clothing and shelter. IHH has no authority to mediate in child adoption.

Can I change, or increase the number of orphans I sponsor?

Yes, sponsors can change the orphans they sponsor, or increase the numbers of orphans by selecting an orphan from a different country or region whenever they wish. For more detailed information, you can call us on 0212 631 2121.

Why does IHH support orphaned children?

Children are the most innocent creation on earth, and children constitute the sector most affected by crises that emerge in various regions of the world. Unfortunately, the social policies introduced by states concerning orphans and deserted children fail to meet present needs. According to official figures, there are more than 200 million orphans in the world. However, these figures do not include the numbers of orphans in countries such as Afghanistan and China, and those in Middle-Eastern countries. According to estimations, this figure is around 400 million. The Prophet Muhammad, who revealed the reward of caring and protecting orphans with the hadith “The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in paradise like this (holding his two fingers together)” is both an example, and encourages us when working with these orphans. With the awareness of this responsibility, we make every effort to care for hundreds of thousands of orphans living in various countries. We strive to ensure that orphans are always happy and live in a safe environment with the orphanages opened by IHH.

What is the aim of IHH’s orphan works?

We aim to support orphans unable to survive alone until they reach the stage where they can support themselves; to provide their education, health, food and clothing needs and prepare them for life amidst the affection of a family environment. Our aim is to strive to protect the basic rights and liberty of orphans, like any other children; to provide a safe environment where not only the material needs, but also spiritual needs of these orphans are met.

Which children are assessed as orphans?

Orphans included in IHH’s support scheme are children that have lost their mothers-fathers due to reasons such as war, occupation, natural disasters, chronic poverty, illness and accidental deaths; those who are unable to live with close family or who live in orphanages.

How often is aid sent to orphans?

Our foundation supports orphans with both regular and periodic aid. Regular aid is the donations from our Orphan Sponsorship System. With this system, a major part of the education, health, food and shelter expenses are met regularly each month by sponsors. Periodic aid is the aid donated at specific times, generally every three, four, six months or on a yearly basis. Aid donated at Ramadan, Qurban and on Orphan Solidarity Days, and aid donated for projects such as education, health, food and shelter are classified as periodic aid.

How are the needs of orphans met?

There are several methods we developed to enable IHH to maintain its work with orphans. These are: The Orphan Sponsorship System. With this system, an individual, family, organization, friend group, class or school can sponsor an orphan; by donating 100TL a month we can meet the education, health, food, clothing and shelter needs of the sponsored orphan. With this system, 87.979 orphans in 52 countries get the opportunity to survive. Project Sponsorship: Project based works such as building or repairs on orphanages, homes, health centers; purchasing education materials and providing health services can be carried out with the sponsorship of individuals, organizations and institutes. Those who want to be a project sponsor can donate for the building of an orphanage; but can also donate to equipping a dormitory, a library, kitchen or any other room in an orphanage. Apart from the Orphan Sponsorship System and Project Sponsorship, all of the donations made to orphans are assessed in the Orphan Aid Pool. Donations collected in this pool are used in projects such as the repairs of orphanages, building/equipping a library or dormitory, health services, organizing social activities for orphans and purchasing clothing for the orphans at eid.

Who can sponsor an orphan?

An individual, family, friend group, organization, class or school can sponsor an orphan as a part of the Orphan Sponsorship System by donating the amount they wish.

How can I sponsor an orphan?

You can fill in the form on the https://online.ihh.org.tr/en/orphan website address. After filling in the sponsorship form, you can sponsor an orphan by paying in the first 100TL donation.

What is the cost of sponsoring an orphan on a monthly basis?
The monthly cost of sponsoring an orphan is [smart|yetimsponsordolar]. When the sponsorship of an orphan begins, we request that this support continues for at least one year. Aid given by donators who chose not support an orphan on a regular basis, but for this aid to be used for the orphan works in general can donate the amount they wish to the Orphan Aid Pool. To donate aid for orphans visit:  https://online.ihh.org.tr/en/orphan
What is the procedure after becoming a sponsor?

Sponsorship begins with the first payment for the monthly orphan sponsorship. After becoming a sponsor, an information form about the child that received this donation is sent to the sponsor with 15 days, and a progress report is sent to the sponsor a year later. Sponsors can obtain information regarding the child they sponsor by visiting our website address https://online.ihh.org.tr/account/orphan.

What needs of a child are met with 800 a month?

The basic needs of an orphan, namely education, health, food and clothing needs are met.

Are organization expenses deducted from the Orphan Sponsorship System?

Organization expenses are not deducted from our sponsorship works in Turkey. The entire amount of the 100TL sponsorship fee goes to the orphans. In our orphan works abroad, 10% of the fee is deducted for organization expenses. 5% of this is deducted by IHH and the other 5% by our local partner organization.

Can we contribute the desired amount to the orphan works?

Yes, you can contribute by visiting https://online.ihh.org.tr/en/orphan website address.

Does IHH carry out works for orphanages?

Yes, since its establishment, IHH has been building orphanages in different countries and regions of the world, repairing and renovating the existing ones, and providing periodic aid to these orphanages. With 42 orphanages, 1 child life center, and 1 orphan education center in 12 countries, IHH aims to raise orphan children in a mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy way without separating them from their own lands and cultures.

How can we contribute in volunteer work with orphans?

You can visit our https://volunteer.ihh.org.tr/ website address to register your information or contact the IHH Volunteer Department by calling 0212 631 2121.