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Questions about Özgürlük Filosu
What is the purpose of the Freedom Flotilla? Why is it needed again?

The Freedom Flotilla is a coalition of non-governmental organizations and institutions from many countries around the world that came together to take off the embargo on Gaza by sea. The coalition stands against all forms of injustice and oppression wherever on earth and against whomever; it fights against all policies that render human beings in need of material and moral help. It is in solidarity with every individual and organization representing the common conscience of the world in all economic, legal, cultural and social fields. It supports people who are victimized by the ongoing occupations, injustices or natural disasters in the Palestinian territories in all material and moral issues. It aims for justice to prevail in the world by spreading the feelings of brotherhood, compassion, cooperation and solidarity all over the world.

The Zionist terrorist forces, which have been implementing a policy of blood, gunpowder and tears in the Palestinian territories for the last 75 years, increased their acts of occupation and genocide in the region after October 7, 2023 and massacred nearly 40,000 people in five months.

The world conscience stood up against the ongoing genocide in Palestine and decided to launch a flotilla to break the naval blockade imposed by the occupation regime on Gaza and to deliver humanitarian aid quickly. 

Which countries will participate in the flotilla?

The main organizing countries of the flotilla that will deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza are Norway, USA, Canada, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, Sweden, Indonesia, Spain and Turkiye. In addition to these countries, passengers from more than 30 countries are expected to participate in the flotilla.

Which non-governmental organizations organize the flotilla?

Non-governmental organizations organizing the flotilla are IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and Mavi Marmara Association from Turkiye; Canadian Boat to Gaza (Canada), US Boat to Gaza (USA), Kia Ora Gaza (New Zealand), Free Gaza Australia (Australia), Ship to Gaza (Norway), MyCARE (Malaysia), Ship to Gaza (Sweden), Palestine Solidarity Alliance (South Africa), Rumbo a Gaza (Spain) and International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza from the world.

How many ships are there in the flotilla?

The flotilla is currently recruiting ships in Turkiye and many countries around the world. The exact number will be revealed after the completion of the ship purchase processes.

What is the route of the flotilla?

The goal of the flotilla is to take off the blockade on Gaza and to ensure that humanitarian aid materials prepared in accordance with international customs rules are delivered to Gaza. In this context, at the first stage, it is aimed to deliver 5,500 tons of humanitarian aid prepared.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition has expressed its desire to reach Gaza directly on every platform. The Coalition has also taken it upon itself to put pressure on all elements in the region to accelerate the passage of thousands of humanitarian aid containers waiting at the Egyptian/Refah border crossing, Gaza's only gateway to the world, into Gaza territory. In this context, not only Gaza ports, but all ports close to Gaza are an option for the Freedom Flotilla. The most beneficial route and port will be determined by the Logistics Committee of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, taking into account all possibilities for the benefit of Gaza.

When will the ships sail?

The ships are planned to sail at the middle of April. Ships from different parts of the world will meet in the Mediterranean and sail together to Gaza. Weather conditions and possible situations may delay the process.

What are the preparations in Turkiye for the Freedom Flotilla? What are IHH and Mavi Marmara Associa

Turkiye is one of the most important countries in this process, as it is one of the stopping points for the ships and activists who will mobilize around the world for the people of Gaza. There is also an intensive coordination process in other countries about the flotilla.

IHH and Mavi Marmara Association, which are organizing the Turkish leg of the flotilla, are carrying out activities such as the purchase of the ships to be included in the flotilla, the supply of aid materials to be carried by cargo ships, the acceptance of in-kind donations, and the organization of rallies and demonstrations that will attract public attention to Gaza. The most important task for volunteers and organizations in this process is to explain - without getting lost in different agendas - how important it is for humanity and regional peace to take actions that will end the blockade in the Mediterranean and the Gaza Strip through organizations that will raise awareness.

How can I deliver aids for the ships?

There are several ways to deliver aids for the ships. First of all, you can support the process of purchasing the ships. The purchase of the ships, which is one of the most important stages of this flotilla, needs to be completed as soon as possible. You can contribute to this process and deliver your cash aids to the Mavi Marmara Association and IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation. You can also deliver your in-kind donations from all provinces and districts of Turkiye to the flotilla through IHH.

Will in-kind donations be accepted?

Yes, in-kind donations are accepted. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation accepts in-kind donations from all provinces and districts across Turkiye. These donations will be among the materials to be delivered to Gaza.

Will passengers be taken on board the ships?

Yes, passengers will be taken on board, but there is no certainty about the number of passengers yet. Members of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition will recruit passengers in line with the necessary activities and needs, paying attention to the determined criteria. In this process, passengers who want to board the ships must meet the specified criteria.