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Questions about Su Kuyuları
Why is IHH carrying out water well works?

One in every ten people in the world does not have access to water. Drought, poverty, rapid population increase and pollution are a threat to drinking water sources. In this world, where millions of people have no access to pure, healthy water mass diseases are gradually increasing. If no serious, practical steps are taken to prevent the reduction of pure water sources, then the threat the people face will increase even further.

As IHH, we carry out works so millions of people who are suffering a shortage of water will gain access to clean water with which they can meet their needs. The main priority of these works is opening water wells or special water wells in region in need.

In which countries are water wells opened?

Chad, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Kenia, Sudan, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso are some of the regions where IHH are opening water wells. However, need is the main determination of where IHH opens these wells. Due to this, the countries or regions can vary from time to time. Before selecting a particular country, you should contact our personnel by calling 0212 631 212.

What are special water wells?

Special water wells are built in regions and situations where opening typical water wells will fail to meet demand. A majority of the time, these wells are built by integrating reservoirs, fixtures, integration materials, pumps and similar equipment. These structures, that sometimes supply water to orphanage bathrooms, sometimes to water tanks in the courtyards of mosques; used for the irrigation of agricultural lands or eliminate other difficulties, are constructed to meet all the demands in the region in one time and completely. Although the cost and position of special water wells can vary each time, these are among the projects that are the most needed.

How long does it take to open a water-well?

The operation of opening a water-well takes around 9-12 months. This duration may vary according to the difficulties we encounter in the particular region or area.

Is the water from the wells clean?

A sample of water is taken from each of the wells we open and the sample is analyzed in a laboratory environment to prevent any health problems that may occur due to substances such as arsenic or cyanide.

Is the inspection and maintenance of the wells carried out?

Inspection and controlling of wells we open with your donations are conducted by our own teams. We assign individuals who are responsible for the regions where we open wells, and they respond in the case of any problem or failure. When a problem is reported concerning any of the wells, repairs and similar duties are carried out. Repair project are planned in the case of failures detected as a result of inspection in water wells that have been in use for three years.

What is the cost of opening a water-well?
A water well of normal standards can be opened at a fixed cost of 3.000 Euro.
Can I have a photo of the water well?

When the water well project is complete, we send a framed photo and a CD containing other photos prepared for that specific water well.

I do not have the financial means to donate a water well, but can I contribute to opening one?

Yes you can contribute. By clicking here, you can contribute the amount you wish for a water well project. Your donations will be used on the high cost and special water well projects.