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Rabia aid from Bursa to Syria
Bursa Humanitarian Aid Association has sent an aid convoy to Syria named, “Rabia Aid from Bursa to Syria.” The four-truck convoy has been the 48th aid truck which has gone from Bursa to Syria.
Syria 17.09.2013


Deputy Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Abdullah Karadağ, Kültür A.Ş. General Manager Rıfat Bakan, former Bursa deputy Faruk Anbarcıoğlu, Bursa Humanitarian Aid Association deputy President Halil Asa, Bursa Humanitarian Aid Association President Hüseyin Kaptan and many Bursa residents attended the ceremony at the South Gate of Merinos Park to send the convoy.

Delivering a speech at the event, Asa said the aid campaign has achieved its goal. Giving the name of a martyr to every truck, Asa sent his greetings to Martyr Esmaa, Martyr İlhan Atlı, Martyr Furkan Doğan and Martyr Khalid Al Banna. Following Asa’s speech, Muhammad Yemen Yahya, a Syrian, offered his thanks to Bursa Humanitarian Aid Association and the people of Bursa for their hospitality.

Bursa Humanitarian Aid Association President Hüseyin Kaptan who delivered the final speech at the event said: “May Allah be pleased with everyone who contributed to this convoy of benevolence. Allah willing, you will see the return of your good deeds in the hereafter. With the four trucks we are sending today, the number of aid trucks we have sent to Syria has risen to 48. Aid efforts for Syria will continue without pause.”

Noting that IHH will be active in 114 countries in Eid al-Adha, Kaptan said: “As Bursa Humanitarian Aid Association, we will not slaughter sacrificial animals in Turkey. The Qurban donations made in Turkey will be sent to Syria and the animals will be sacrificed there and their meat will be delivered to Syrians. We expect the contribution of Bursa people for this. It is estimated that there are 350,000 orphans in Syria. There is nobody to help the orphans in the world. We are carrying out orphan relief work in the region.”
Bursa’s Kestel district contributed to the convoy with one-truckload of aid items. The program ended with prayers made by provincial preacher Mustafa Bülbül.

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