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Symposium for Egypt in South Africa
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation in conjunction with the African-Middle East Center (AMEC) organized a symposium discussing the future of Egypt in South Africa.
TheRepublicofSouthAfrica, Egypt 05.02.2014

The prominent Egyptian both against and for the coup d’etat, and South African officials came together in the symposium held at the Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria. Numerous issues under titles of “July 2013 military coup d’etat circumstances”, “The role, mechanism and effect of the deep state”, “Coup d’etat opposition and existing regime oppression”, “Roadmap of the military for the future of Egypt and other scenarios” and were addressed by the following who were in attendance:
Ebrahim Ebrahim, Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa,
Yehia Hamed Former Minister of Trade and Investment of Morsi government,
Mahmoud Hussein Egyptian Secretary General of Muslim Brotherhood,
Ehab Sheha El-Asala party chairman, Egypt
Rodney Dixon, International Criminal Court lawyer,
Daryl Glase, President of Table of Politics at The University of Witwatersrand,
Chris Landsberg Head of Department of African Diplomacy and Foreign Policy at the University of Johannesburg
Shamil Jeppie, University of Cape Town Institute of Humanities in Africa.

Conference Agenda

In July 2013 with the removal of the democratically elected Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi – many issues were raised to the forefront regarding the future of the most populated Arab country. As a result of the coup d’etat in the country, especially preventions of the opponents, restriction on civil liberties, preventions on the media were witnessed. The older Mubarak regime leaders are taking new positions in the newly established regime, the secret service was reorganized and serious restrictions placed on pro-Morsi demonstrators. The previous Morsi leaders and anti-coup thousands of protestors were arrested and falsely  

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