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Water For 8 Thousand People

497 people supported this project

Every day, thousands of people in the Togo village of Davie and its surrounding areas must walk for miles to reach water. We will construct a specialized water well in this area and assist those in need who are having difficulty accessing water.


Specialized water wells with solar energy systems can store 20 tons of water and are built at a depth of 100-120 meters. There are also 5 taps for people to use, two at the top and three at the bottom, as well as troughs for animals. 

Specialized water wells are constructed in areas and situations where standard water wells are insufficient. It is more than just a village; it provides water to orphanages, mosques, agricultural lands, and many villages in the surrounding area, benefiting thousands of people. Families will no longer have to travel long distances to get to water.

With your support, we can help 8 thousand people to access clean water. Let’s work together for their primary life source, water.

If you want to donate to this campaign from the bank, simply write 17227 in the description section.