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Computer Class for Orphans

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"Most of the hearing-impaired children staying at the center did not receive the necessary education and proper nutrition before coming here. Some were even abandoned. They had wounds on their bodies because they were malnourished. However, when they started to eat regularly, healthily, and under the supervision of a doctor, their wounds healed. Now they are very happy. After they started eating healthy food, their school achievements also increased. They ranked 5th in the exams among the 130 schools in this region. Thank you for healing them. Now they all have goals for the future."

Bisibo Amani, IQRA Director


Our IQRA Deaf Education Center in Burundi houses and educates 53 deaf and needy children. Hearing-impaired children, who could not even communicate with their surroundings when they first came to the center, ranked among the schools in the region with only five years of education. Now they have goals for the future, and their success is increasing day by day.

So we opened a computer class at IQRA to help them gain different skills. They will learn how to use computer programs, conduct research, access information more easily, and improve themselves. They will also be able to work in fields that require the use of computers and adapt to society.

Let's support the success of the hearing-impaired children we have brought back to life in five years. Let them have a beautiful future.

If you want to donate to this project from the bank, simply write 16114 in the description section.


- One teacher computer
- Five student computers
- Six tables
- 11 chairs
- Internet modem

Computer Class for Orphans