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Bosnia Herzegovina

Gladden A Mother

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“It was almost noon when we arrived at the home of the family of the orphaned children. We entered the house with Ferida's invitation. She lives with her two children, 9 and 16 years old. Her husband passed away years ago. The house consists of a single room where the kitchen and bathroom are in the same place. The mother was able to have the bathroom done five or six months ago with the money she had saved. She washes the clothes by hand in the bathroom. She was very surprised when he gave the washing machine as a gift. She said she did not expect such a thing. She saw us off with thanks and prayers.”

Ahmet Fatih Madanoğlu, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2019

Ferida's family was one of the dozens of families of orphaned children that we gave white appliances as a gift in Bosnia in 2019. Ferida was happy as she would no longer have to wash her children's clothes by hand thanks to the washing machine. She also mentioned that  as she was getting older it was becoming difficult to wash the clothes by hand.

In Bosnia, like Ferida, 10 more families of orphans need white goods. Support them and make these families' lives easier by gifting these needs. Let them be able to maintain their lives without being dependent on others.