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A Share of Happiness
On this Eid Al-Adha, we are setting out by saying "A Share of Happiness" for the needy, forgotten, and innocent, as it has been for 30 years. We aim to deliver your Qurbani shares to millions of vulnerable families in 60 countries and give them comfort. With your donations of Qurbani, you can share the joy of those who are waiting for us. We will bring happiness to millions of vulnerable families in 60 countries by delivering your Qurbani shares.
Qurbani (Wajib)
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I give my proxy(s) to IHH to slaughter my qurban/s and distribute them to those in need.
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Would you like to bring happiness to orphans by giving them Eid Clothing?
It's impossible to describe the feelings that come from making a child happy. With an Eid Clothing gift, you can put a smile on orphans' faces.
Happy little girl in her beautiful dress
Tanzanian citizen receives his donation
Celebrating Eid-al-Adha In a Refugee Camp

We are in Mali for 2021 Qurbani projects. After performing the Eid prayer, we set out for the refugee camp in the Senou area. More than 350 families are struggling to survive in the camp's harsh conditions. We sacrifice the Qurbans here and deliver the meat to needy families. The tragedy of the environment is felt as we pass in front of each tent, but the happiness and surprise of seeing us in front of them is also reflected on their faces on such a morning. We see how sacrificial meat can strengthen unity in a refugee camp.

We return to our country on Eid al-Adha, understanding the difficult lives in Mali and feeling a sense of unity. We witness that donated shares of Qurbanis are a source of happiness for hundreds of people far away from us.

Reşad Başer
Mali 2021
If you wish, you can send your donations to our bank account numbers via EFT / Money Order.
Ziraat Bankası
Turkish Lira Account
TR66 0001 0004 8802 1249 9450 07
Kuveyt Türk
Turkish Lira Account
TR12 0020 5000 0009 9999 9000 06
Turkish Lira Account
TR29 0001 5001 5800 7266 5775 89
Turkish Lira Account
TR43 0001 2009 7540 0012 0100 80
Turkish Lira Account
TR90 0020 3000 0028 7839 0778 29
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*In the explanation section of your bank donation, write the purpose of the donation (Wajib Qurbani, for example), your name, e-mail address, and the name of the country to which you want to donate. An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address informing you that your donation has been received.

You can get help and can donate by calling our Call Center.
0212 631 21 21
Last year, thanks to your donations;
countries benefited from your donations.
people got comfort from your goodness.
shares of Qurban were delivered to millions of families.
orphans and children were gifted with Eid clothing.

You can donate easily and quickly through our renewed mobile application.