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2023 At a Glance

2023 was a year marked by natural disasters, wars, and human rights violations. We tried to heal our wounds after the devastating earthquake that struck our country. We reached out to people in need all over the world who are experiencing war, occupation, and human rights violations. However, deaths continue to be caused by drought, war, malnutrition, and a lack of hygiene all over the world.

Together, we continue to assist those in need, regardless of geography, religion, language, race, or sect. In doing so, we strive to create long-term solutions such as permanent work projects, vocational training, and livelihood provision.

We touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in 2023 through dozens of projects. Let's take a look at the projects we've created this year together.



Millions of orphans worldwide are growing up without the necessary opportunities. We work tirelessly to support orphans until they reach adulthood and can support themselves, as well as to meet all of their needs, including shelter, health, education, and food.

In 2023, with your help, we will support over 133 thousand orphans in 45 countries on a monthly basis. With our Orphan Sponsorship System, we help orphans care for themselves and confidently stand on their own two feet. Every year, we help over a million orphans. Orphans who know they are not alone live healthy lives.

There are millions of orphans in the world waiting to be cared for. Together, we can care for more orphans. What say you?

Sponsor an orphan


Water Well

Drought conditions worsen year after year around the world. Every year, drought-related issues have a negative impact on the lives of thousands. Every day, people in various parts of Africa travel hundreds of kilometers to get to water.

With your help, we will open 864 water wells in 2023, giving thousands of people access to safe water. You can also donate to help more people get access to clean water.

Battle with drought



‘We entered the mud-brick house of Uncle Ibrahim, the former imam of his village in Mali. Uncle Ibrahim, the former imam of the village, had to quit his job as imam last year because he had cataracts. But last week he learned that he could have surgery and he was very happy. Uncle Ibrahim, who was sad because he could not read the Qur'an, can now read it again and can go to the mosque alone. He prayed a lot for the benefactors.'

Serdar Gürçay, Mali, 2023


Surgery is the only treatment for cataracts that occur due to reasons such as old age, malnutrition and sun rays shining perpendicular to the eye. However, millions of people in the world cannot undergo surgery due to lack of financial means and continue their lives dependent on others.

With your support, in 2023, we performed 35,135 eye examinations, 66,100 field screenings and 7,427 cataract surgeries, enabling cataract patients to see again. To date, we have performed cataract surgery on more than 181,000 people, enabling them to look to the future with hope.

A light for darkness


Sustainable Projects

In some parts of the world, local populations are deprived of basic needs such as education and health care due to insufficient financial and technical resources. Many people have to travel long distances to go to school or undergo health checks. On the other hand, they struggle to build places of worship due to lack of adequate support and resources.

In 2023, 18 mosques, 6 mosques and Qur'anic schools, 2 Qur'anic courses, 488 houses for war victims and those in need, 1 school, 3 health centers, 1 orphanage, 1 cultural center and 1 vocational training center annex were built. At the same time, the construction of 12 mosques, 1 mosque and Qur'anic school, 8 schools, 2 health centers, 1 dining hall, 2 orphan training centers and 1 orphanage, which started to be built in 2023, are under construction.

Goodness forever!


Disaster Management

Our Search and Rescue teams, which continuously improve themselves to respond quickly and effectively to disasters that may occur in our country and in different geographies, participated in 231 search and rescue operations in 2023. In addition, disaster management trainings were provided to approximately 50 thousand people in our country and abroad. With 2,100 trained Search and Rescue personnel and volunteers, we are ready to respond to disasters.

In 2023, our teams participated in search and rescue operations after many natural disasters such as the February 6 earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, Morocco earthquake, Libya flood disaster, Afghanistan earthquake and Çanakkale forest fire. 

Our teams made significant contributions to search and rescue operations with their trained personnel and qualified equipment.

With the participation of 80 thousand people in the trainings provided by our teams in 25 different fields, it was aimed to increase the disaster awareness of our citizens.

By supporting our Search and Rescue efforts, you can help us to prepare for disasters and training teams.


You Shared Your Bread!

One of the most urgent needs in Syria is bread. When bakeries do not work due to lack of flour, those in need cannot access bread.

In 2023, we delivered 37,951,59 loaves of bread to those in need in Syria and we were guests at their tables together.

Would you like to share your bread today?

Share your bread


The Best Gift: Qur’an

Due to financial and technical impossibilities, hundreds of thousands of Muslims in different geographies do not have access to the Holy Quran or its translation in the local language. We deliver the Quran or its translation to many countries according to their needs. Thus, thousands of people learn, read and memorize the Quran in madrasas or mosques. 

In 2023, 24,370 copies of the Holy Quran were given as gifts in 9 countries. With your support, we have gifted more than 270 thousand Qurans so far. In addition, we have been instrumental in teaching the Qur'an by building 8 Qur'an courses in 5 countries. With your donations, you can be instrumental in enabling more people to read and learn the Qur'an.

Gift Qur'an


Palestine / Gaza

Israel has been bombarding Gaza non-stop since the last months of 2023. The years-long occupation of Gaza reached its peak on October 7, 2023. Tens of thousands of people have lost their lives and millions of people have been displaced. Through our office in Gaza, we continue to heal the wounds of those in need and support them. 

With your donations, food packages were distributed to 14,595 families and hot meals were served to 219,865 people in 2023. In addition, 1033 tankers of drinking water were delivered to Gazans suffering from clean water shortage. In addition, 3 ambulances we purchased for the transportation of the wounded were put into service.

By supporting our work in Palestine, you can support those under blockade and occupation and heal their wounds.

Support Gaza


Kahramanmaraş Earthquake

On February 6, 2023, two earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6, with epicenters in Pazarcık and Elbistan districts of Kahramanmaraş, occurred at 04.17 and 13.24, respectively. Tens of thousands of our citizens lost their lives.

From the first moments of the earthquake, we were there with 7,341 Search and Rescue personnel/volunteers and our field teams. At the first stage, we delivered tents, first aid, food and blankets to our earthquake victims. Our Search and Rescue teams worked non-stop in the rubble for days. We set up more than 1,100 containers to meet the shelter needs of the earthquake victims. We sent 932 aid trucks and supported the earthquake victims' clothing, food and hygiene needs. 

With your support, we stood by our citizens affected by this great disaster together. You can help us prepare for disasters together by supporting our emergency aid and Search and Rescue efforts.

In 2023, we reached out to those in need wherever they are in the world and healed their wounds. We brought smiles to the faces of those in need of emergency aid, orphans, those without access to clean water, those waiting to be remembered during Ramadan and Qurban, and the orphans; we spread goodness around the world.

On behalf of millions of lives changed thanks to you, we sincerely thank you.