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'Do not leave us alone!'

After the Eid prayer, we slaughtered our Qurbani at a large animal farm in Constanța. The environment was very suitable in every respect. Under the shade of huge trees, the slaughterhouse was spotlessly clean and the slaughtering process was very practical. In a short time, we divided the Qurbani meats, bagged them and loaded them into a van with a cold storage box. In the afternoon, we drove an hour to the neighborhoods of Majidiyeh, where we distributed the meat to needy families. It was evening time, but the distribution did not end. On the second day of Eid, we went to a remote village called Kubadın. A friend named Cemil, who knew the area, joined our team as a guide. We became a very good team. We went from street to street, door to door and distributed the Qurbani meat to those in need. 

Cemil spoke Turkish but had an interesting accent. Sometimes he would speed through the streets in his car and say, "There is Aunt Şükriye here." In another place he would say, "Aunt Hayriye lives here, she is a widow. She has children." Cemil knew all the needy people in the village.

We distributed Qurbani meats to 250 families in the suburbs and villages of Mecidiye, the city founded by Sultan Abdulmajid. When we asked them if they had any requests as we said goodbye, they said, "Don't leave us alone and desolate here. Do not forget us! Seeing you with us gives us morale and strength."

We should never forget that we have brothers and sisters in many corners of the world who are always waiting for us with longing, not only during the Eids. May Allah be pleased with the benefactors and those who are instrumental.