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Eid Al-Adha In a Refugee Camp
Reşat Başer 21.06.2021

We are in Mali for 2021 Qurbani projects. After performing the Eid prayer, we set out for the refugee camp in the Senou area. 

More than 350 families are struggling to survive in the camp's harsh conditions. We slaughter the Qurbanis here and deliver the meat to needy families. 

The tragedy of the environment is felt as we pass in front of each tent, but the happiness and surprise of seeing us in front of them is also reflected on their faces on such a morning. We see how sacrificial meat can strengthen unity in a refugee camp. 

We return to our country on Eid Al-Adha, understanding the difficult lives in Mali and feeling a sense of unity. We witness that donated shares of Qurbanis are a source of happiness for hundreds of people far away from us.

Reşat Başer / Mali, 2021

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