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There is no time left, they are freezing
An average of 10-15 people live in a tent in Syria. Women and children make up the majority of this number. Unprotected tents are not warm enough. Children do not even have clothes suitable for winter.

"There are 15 people in this tent. You can see the children's feet. None of us would leave our children's feet bare in winter. We need to help these people living in difficult conditions. Some people see this help as too much. We are on the side of people in need. No matter what anyone says. And I remind and call on everyone: Your value in the sight of Allah will be determined by whether you are with the people here or not.

One of the biggest problems in Syria is fuel. The people in need, who are deprived of fuel materials such as coal and wood, try to keep warm with the garbage they find around. This garbage is not only not a source of heat but also very harmful to health.

There are 9 people in this tent. They are heated with a small stove. Since there is no coal, they burn rubbish they collect from outside. This is the worst type of tent built during the Syrian war. This type is called a sefine tent. It neither protects from cold nor from heat. It is blown away immediately in any wind. We have visited these places, we have become responsible. We will build houses with concrete walls and roofs here.

Thousands of families live in tent cities in Syria. Dozens of people freeze to death every year due to tents that are not resistant to winter conditions.

There are many tent cities like this one in Syria. Only 2 thousand families live in this tent city. Every winter, when it rains, these places become ponds and muddy. Water and mud get inside the tents. People cannot stay in tents. An average of 15 people live in a tent. There are children, all of them have bare feet.

A tent destroyed by heavy snowfall. It is not known where the families living in this tent went.

From here, I would like to appeal to our donors who have been supporting us for years. While these children, these women are waiting for help from you, do your part. Leave your footprints here so that you will be in people's prayers. What can I say beyond that. May Allah make you all valuable in these endeavours."

Winter has arrived in Syria. People in need living in tent cities are in a difficult situation. They are trying to struggle against harsh winter conditions in unprotected tents, but this is not possible. Mud, wind and snow wash the tents and freeze the children. People in need in Syria are waiting for us. There is an urgent need for food and fuel. Let's warm them all together, let's not leave them alone in the freezing cold.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Chairman Bülent Yıldırım