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"My children, whom I cherished, were lying in blood."
Orphan 14.09.2023


The mother of Muhammed Bedran from Palestine, whom we support with the Orphan Sponsorship System:

"It was the third day of Eid. It was Eid, but for a few days we had been waking up not with joy but with fear. The bombardment had been going on for days. That morning, we woke up again to the sound of explosions. After calming my children down, we had breakfast together. My son, Muhammad, asked permission to play outside with his friends. I convinced him by telling him that the bombardment was still going on and that it was not safe outside. But as a child, his mind was outside. "Mommy, can you see if my friends are outside?" he asked. As soon as I stuck my head out the window, there was a loud explosion. This time, the bomb fell close to us. There was dust everywhere. I couldn't see my surroundings; I could only hear the screams of my children. I started to look for them. When I got closer to their voices, I saw blood on the ground. My children, whom I cherished, were lying in a pool of blood. I didn't know which one to run to. With the help of my neighbors, we took them to the hospital. My children's bodies were burned, and their bones were broken due to the violence of the explosion. Alhamdulillah, they were all alive. However, the worst damage was done to my Muhammad. The doctors told me that Muhammad had lost his right eye. Even though I was very sad, I thought that he would be able to see with his left eye, but the doctors told me that he would never be able to see because of the shrapnel in his left eye. My world collapsed around me. Muhammadim would not be able to see anymore. Just a few hours ago, he had asked permission to play with his friends. How was I going to tell him that he would never see his mother, father, siblings, friends, trees, or the sky he loved so much? While I was thinking about what to do, I was also trying to reach my husband. At that time, Muhammad came out of surgery. While I was taking care of him, the news came that my husband had been martyred while he was in the mosque. I was left alone with my wounded children before I could get over the fear we had experienced in the morning.

Nearly five years have passed since that day. Muhammed still hasn't gotten used to the situation. He had to leave his beloved school, teachers and friends. He now attends a school for the visually impaired. However, he still cannot accept this situation. He is always sad, he doesn't smile like he used to."

In Gaza, we regularly support Muhammed Bedran and 146 disabled orphans through the Orphan Sponsorship System. We are working to meet the education, health, shelter and food needs of orphans. By sponsoring an orphan, you can support their needs and support their living.