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The joy of being remembered


Our foundation’s Communication Center Coordinator Osman Erdi explained:

As always, the communication center where I work is busy. I am explaining the tasks to be
carried out to my colleagues. Today is going to be different, I can sense this. When I first
heard about coronavirus I didn’t take it that seriously, but I remember that I understood the
seriousness of the virus when our foundation began to take measures weeks earlier.
We all went and sat by our telephones. Our aim is to call all the elderly, those with chronic
illnesses and those in need that we previously identified with great care, one by one and ask
how they are, supply their needs and more importantly, to remind them they are not

What pleases me the most is their prayers; while some thank us simply for remembering
them, others burst into tears. An elderly uncle, Huseyin from Malatya said “May Allah bless
you, I am so surprised. I am so pleased that the foundation I have donated to for years has
called me.” An elderly woman, aunt Leyla didn’t understand at first, but when she realized
why we called she burst into tears. Aunt Fadime, uncle Ahmet and Fatih bey who has a
chronic illness all experienced the same emotions. They are all pleased to know they are not
forgotten, that there is always someone there to help them.

After a long and tiring day, it’s time to go home. I feel so happy that we reminded these
people we are always ready to help them, that they are not forgotten. In the meantime, I
witnessed the devotion, efforts, how hard my colleagues work. I head off home with the hope
that we will overcome these difficult times.

You can help ease the burden of needy people within this difficult time.


Note: IHH has started its aid campaign that includes 10 million TL cash aid, 100 thousand food parcels, and 10 thousand hygiene packages for families in need, especially orphan families. Most of our Ramadan campaign will also take place in our country.