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"I called to thank you."

Sezer, our staff member at Communication Center, tells;

I feel very lucky to work at the IHH Communication Center. Because this is a bridge between those who want to do charity and those in need. People share their feelings with us first. I had such a situation today as well. I answered the phone of a volunteer calling from Antalya. When she started her speech by saying “I called to thank you”, I was very curious about the rest. She said she reached out to us yesterday for a neighbor in need, who today said their needs had been met: “I am delighted that you have reached out so quickly. A mother was in a difficult situation with her two children. She could not leave the house. I spoke to her today and how happy they were! You do such good deeds, God bless you. I couldn't help myself and called to thank you."

When our volunteers cried while telling them, I was deeply touched. As we continued our work from home, my two-year-old son was with me at that time. If he wasn't there, I wouldn't be able to hold back, I would cry too. Our volunteers prayed so much that I didn't get a chance to talk. Our teams on the field have a big share in these prayers.

What our aunt said showed me once again the importance of what we do. It's a great feeling to be involved in such a beautiful job, to be a cure for people's problems, to come to their aid. The more I receive such feedback, the more excited I come to the job every morning.

IHH began to give support of 10 million TL financial aid, 160 thousand food packages, and 10 thousand hygiene packages for families in need, especially orphan families.