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The abundance of goodness
Sümeyye Bayram Orphan 17.07.2021


In each moment, I had a very enjoyable and unique journey in Ethiopia. Although the long land journeys were tiring, we were welcomed everywhere we reached. I can say that I have never been welcomed that much warm and sincere in my life. I felt to be ummah.
I have seen what abundance is, how goodness grows when shared. In the past years, we visited an orphan family who was given a dairy cow as a gift as they could earn themselves a keep. When we told the greetings from Turkey the mother hugged with joy and heartfelt that it felt like we have known each other for years. They renovated the house by selling the baby cows of the gifted cow and added a room. And to the new room, they took a woman whose husband passed away and her children. With her earnings, the mother provides for both her own orphans and another orphan family. The kindness that started with a cow was blessed and it became the income point of two orphan families. 
Sümeyye Bayram - Ethiopia, 2019