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The “firsts” on a Journey
Ramiz Çoban Qurbani 01.04.2022


The “firsts” on a Journey

We traveled to Albania for the qurban program. This was my first journey with IHH. I was curious about the process of delivering aid to those in need as a part of the aid works. The works done by my colleagues as IHH’s partner organization in the region were very good, so we didn’t come across any problems. In fact, while I was thinking that we would not be able to complete the meat distribution in time, the members of our partner organization had already packed the shares of meat that was to be delivered to the needy.

There was another kind of excitement I had experienced for the first time on this journey; praying with our Albanian brothers in a square together. After the prayers, we celebrated Eid al-Adha with our brothers there. Then I noticed that many people from different religions had gathered around the square watching us with great interest.

I cannot describe the emotions I felt when I personally distributed the qurban donations made by our donors. With the supplication of being included in the good-tidings “The one who guides others to good deeds is like the one who does them”…May Allah be pleased with those who donated.

                                                                                                                                    Ramiz Çoban/Albania 2019