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We are sisters, right?
Fatıma Betül Türkmen Orphan 14.09.2020

Wherever we went, whoever we visited, we made a journey to Pakistan where we were greeted like a president. It made them very happy that we came for them from miles away.

We visited orphanages, played games with orphans, and gifted milkers and sewing machines to orphan families. I am very excited that they can now make a living without being dependent on anyone. Although this may seem like a small gift, I realized what it meant when I saw a mother's eyes. When she hugged me with her eyes in tears, I realized why I was here, how small were the things that I had worried about until that day.

I have another heart-wrenching memory. We visited a school where orphan girls were educated. As I was about to leave, one of the girls came up to me and asked: "We are sisters, right?". I said: "Of course, you are all my sisters." "Then don't leave your sisters," she said. It was already difficult to leave, and when I heard this sentence, I didn't know what to say. I returned to Turkey but my heart stayed there.

Fatima Betul Turkmen / Pakistan, 2019