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We declare mobilization!

We were hit by a massive earthquake. Every day, every minute, there is new news. We visited the disaster-affected cities. We investigated the effects of the earthquake and the work of our search and rescue teams on the ground; we devised plans. 

Human voices can be heard coming from the rubble. Teams of search and rescue personnel are working tirelessly. I saw a lot of things during my investigations. I saw a girl waiting that we couldn't tell her about because her mother and sister had died. In another accident, I saw a mother move to hug her child but was unable to catch up and died. 

The situation is dire here. People require everything. We declare mobilization here. Send aid to our earthquake victims. Bread, water, hilti, pickaxe, and shovel are required, search and rescue equipment are required. People can't even find tools to work with in the debris. That is why cash donations are also required. 

The most important need, after search and rescue, is hot food. Food and water are in short supply here. I implore you all to pitch in. People are starving, thirsty, and cold. Increase your help. Because we're only getting started.

Bülent Yıldırım

Chairman of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation