IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

We walked behind Hashim and he was a little ahead of us. He was standing next to a dilapidated house with two rooms. "Thirteen of us are housed here. I have a heart condition, but I have to work as a porter to earn a living. When you do not have a job in Afghanistan, the best job you can do is to carry other people's things," he said, adding that he could not find work most of the time. "If I had some money, I would buy a wheelbarrow. With the wheelbarrow, I could manage the transportation more easily," he continued. When he received the zakat envelope entrusted to us, his eyes lit up and he smiled at his family.

Hashem and his family's lives have been transformed by the zakat of good people he does not know. We are witnesses to this beauty.

With your zakat donation, you can touch the lives of families in Turkey or far away. With one zakat, you can help dozens of people meet their needs.

February 2021