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Questions about İHH Hakkında
When was IHH founded? What is the aim of IHH?

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has been working since 1992 to provide humanitarian aid to all people who have suffered distress, disaster, persecution, hunger and hunger in any part of the world without discrimination of region, religion, language, race and sect; who have been victimised, injured, crippled due to war, natural disasters, homeless, homeless, and to prevent the violation of the fundamental rights and freedoms of these people. These activities, which started with voluntary activities and became institutionalised in 1995, spread to 123 countries in a short time and became a bridge of charity reaching from Turkey to the whole world.

Can I have detailed information regarding the foundation’s activities?

You can see and examine all the works carried out within our foundation and get information from the relevant units. You can have information on many subjects such as where and how the donations are evaluated, how the internal audits of our projects are carried out, the criteria applied while delivering aid and our working principles.

In addition, all activities of our foundation are announced to the public through our quarterly "Humanitarian Aid" activity bulletin. Our prepared reports are delivered to all our donors and volunteers as well as official and civilian related organisations. In the activities we carry out abroad, respected opinion leaders, journalists and media members of our society take part in the project teams; our activities are observed on-site by these people.

You can access our annual bulletins, reports and all other publications here.

Is there inspection during the process of aid distribution and afterwards?

Our Foundation is regularly audited by official authorities. In addition, all our activity reports, especially our documents related to our aid programmes and projects can be examined whenever deemed necessary. Individuals and organisations who wish to observe our domestic and international activities on site can see our work at their own expense.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which is regularly audited by official persons and institutions, has been deemed worthy of the "TBMM Outstanding Service Award", "Award for the Most Efficient and Appropriate Use of Resources" and "Best Realised Project" awards by the General Directorate of Foundations.

Does IHH only distribute aid abroad?

Our Foundation carries out aid activities both at home and abroad. While realising its mission, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation prioritises all over the world:

- In the regions where war and the effects of war continue
- In disaster areas
- Carries out activities in poverty-stricken countries and regions

In cooperation with partner organisations in 81 provinces in Türkiye, we do not leave those in need in our country alone; we deliver aid through continuous and periodic projects.

Does your aid work only cover Muslim communities?

In our aid activities, we deliver aid to everyone in distress without discrimination of region, religion, language, race and sect. Our most important priority is human.

We carry out our activities without discrimination in the aids we deliver for reasons such as war, crisis and natural disasters or in all our projects. For example, our relief efforts in Hurricane Katrina as well as the earthquakes in Italy, Haiti, Japan, the Philippines and Nepal are examples of this understanding.

Is IHH connected to any religious sect or political party?

Our foundation has no ties with any community, ideological movement or political party. Our foundation has the characteristics of the foundation institution of Islam and is an independent institution established within the Turkish legal system.

The purpose of our foundation is to provide aid to all people in need, wherever they are, whether they are hungry or exposed. While doing this, we also play a preventive role against human rights violations, wars, occupations and similar situations that put people in need. People from all segments of the society are among the members and donors of IHH.

Does IHH have branches abroad?

We have representatives in Afghanistan, Latin America, Palestine (Gaza), Philippines (Bangsamoro), Niger, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan and Sierra Leone.

In some European countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium) there are institutions working in the same field with names and logos similar to the name or logo of our organisation. These organisations have no organic ties with our organisation. Donors, volunteers and individuals and organisations wishing to contact our organisation should contact the contact information on our website or our foundation in Fatih, Istanbul.

Organisations using similar or identical names and logos with our organisation use names and logos without the consent of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation. We do not agree with this situation that leads to confusion and misperception. However, since these organisations are subject to different legal systems of different countries, there is no other way to prevent this confusion other than information.

What is your method of working abroad?

We carry out our projects and aid activities abroad together with our staff and experienced partner organisations in the regions. Partner organisations and IHH officials prepare reports on the projects carried out and constantly supervise the work carried out.

Is IHH in Germany connected with your foundation?

There are various organisations operating under the name of IHH in many European countries, especially in Germany. However, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has no ties with any of these organisations.

Are there other branches in Türkiye apart from in Istanbul?

In addition to our headquarters and representative offices in Istanbul, we have one representative office each in Kilis, Hatay/Reyhanlı and Şanlıurfa, and branches in Konya, Bursa, Gaziantep and Ankara. We also have a Corporate Relations office in Ankara. We carry out our activities in other provinces of Turkey together with the partner organisations in those provinces.