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Questions about Kurban
Do you send a photo of the Qurban being slaughtered?

Unfortunately, we cannot find the opportunity to do such a thing due to the conditions in the regions. You can see representative photos of the distribution regions on our website. We send the donors an SMS after the slaughter of Qurban is finished.

What are the main objectives intended by the sacrifice?

When carrying out the qurban project, our foundation acts with the awareness that primarily this is a form of worship and the main aim of this is attaining the pleasure of Allah (swt). With this awareness, the points we pay attention to in particular when conducting this are as follows: Acting as an intermediary in fulfilling our donators worship of sacrifice; bringing a community together by celebrating eid with millions of Muslims brothers in tens of countries and regions; being a source of morale, motivation and joy of life to people in different parts of the Islamic geography; monitoring the developments in the regions, the experiences, developments in our fellow geographies onsite; monitoring the needs, planning the projects necessary to solve issues and bring these to the attention of charitable Muslim societies, and of course distributing the meat from the sacrifices to those in need.

How does IHH determine people in need?

In the regions where IHH works, we continue projects in various fields throughout the year. With the contributions of our partner organizations during these works, we determine the most deprived parts in the region and our activities are focused more in these areas to eliminate hardships. In IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s programs, priority is given to the refugee camps, victims of war and natural disasters, orphanages, orphaned families, the elderly, deserted, widows; the parts of the society suffering poverty, schools, madrasas and hospitals. Detailed reports are prepared before eid for each of the regions where the qurban/sacrifice works are carried out.

What does IHH take into consideration when determining areas for the qurban projects?

Initially, the most important point in determining regions for the qurban projects is the extent of hardship and poverty. According to this, priority is given to regions afflicted by war and crises, countries and regions affected by natural disasters, poor countries and regions struck by famine and drought, and countries and regions where the Muslim population is a minority.

Can I appoint an aid organization to perform the sacrifice on my behalf?

You can appoint various organizations such as foundations and institutions that perform the sacrifice in regions that are in need both locally and abroad. The only condition is that the institution is a trustworthy organization that performs the sacrifice complying with the intention, the Islamic commands, and distributes the meat and skins to places in most need.

What is the procedure for this appointment necessary to perform the sacrifice?

Initially, the individual who wants the qurban sacrificed on his behalf sends/gives the specified cost of carrying out the sacrifice and distributing the meat to those in need to the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation. As in the case of other forms of worship, the main aspect here the person’s intention and will. By applying to IHH for the sacrifice to be performed on his behalf, the benefactor has revealed this intention and will. In addition, this does not have to be made verbally, as actions and execution is a declaration of will.

What is the price of a qurban?

The cost of one share of a Qurban is 205$, 195€ Euro, and 165£ Sterlin. This prices includes all the costs for the organization of the sacrifice.

You can visit our page to see our Qurbani activities.

How does IHH determine the price of a qurban?

As you can guess, the price of qurbans varies in every part of the world. In some regions the prices can be lower than in Turkey, while in others the price can be higher. As we predict that qurban donations will increase in countries where the price is lower, and due to this there will be a reduction in qurban donations in places where the price is higher, IHH strategically obtains the prices of qurbans from different regions and calculates an average price. In the same way that determining a single price of all the regions will prevent concentrating on regions where the price is lower, this also gives us the opportunity to distribute the meat from the qurbans to all regions according to need. By using this method, we can send qurbans to many regions that, although are in urgent need, would not receive donations or limited donations because the prices are higher.

Can someone make qurban donations from abroad?

Yes, donations can be made by visiting our website address: https://ihh.org.tr/en/donate/udhiyah

Is it permissible to determine a single price for the sacrifice for all the regions?

Due to our organization network in various regions of the world, our foundation purchases the qurbans in advance. The qurbans purchased in advance are purchased for those who want to appoint us to perform the sacrifice on their behalf at the previously determined price. There is no objection in Islamic law in determining an “average price” and receiving the fixed amount for the qurbans.

Can an individual choose the country for the sacrifice?

Those who make qurban donations can choose from any of the countries previously designated by IHH. However, leaving this decision to IHH staff is preferable in terms of avoiding density in specific regions.

How can we learn if the sacrifice has taken place?

When the sacrifacion of Qurban is completed, an e-mail is sent to the donors.

What is the last day for giving qurban donations?

Qurban donations can be given until 11:59 PM on the second day of Eid.

How long does the Qurbani sacrifices last?

Qurban sacrifices begin immediately following the Eid prayer on the first day of Eid and continue until the afternoon prayer on the third day of Eid.

Can someone who cannot afford the full cost of a sacrifice pay less?

Since a qurban share costs $130, any amount less than that will not suffice for a qurban sacrifice.


How does the Qurbani sacrifice process take place in a few days in many parts of the world?

Our foundation carries out its Qurbani activities in 5 continents through representative offices abroad, partner organizations and teams that IHH sends from Turkey. These contacts take the roles of determining the people in need in the area, buying the Qurbans, sacrificing Qurbans, and distrubiting the meat of Qurbans to the families in need. After these preliminary preparations, IHH officials who will accompany the sacrifice of the Qurbans take wakalah from the sacrifice owners in the amount of Qurbans. Before the Eid, they go to the countries where the sacrifice will be performed, and with the partner organizations, they accompany the sacrifices of Qurbans right after the Eid prayer and they make distrubitons of the sacrifical meat, which lasts until the third day of the Eid.